Thursday, 20 June 2013


Welcome to my new project - to create a whole new bunch of science-fiction/space-opera type figures - designed to be generic, rather than based upon a specific film or book.  Depending upon how they are painted up, they might serve for a variety of different projects.

I plan on producing a series of different troop types, each of which will consist of a variety of poses, with additional kit/weaponry where appropriate. 

The project will also include characters/non-military types, which would suit a variety of different roles, whether it be smuggler, renegade, assassin, priest(ess), mystic, star ship crew... the list goes on.

As this is a personal project, it will build over time, but my intention is to continue to expand the number and types of figures produced - any proceeds from spare castings will go straight back into making more greens (I have no plans to turn this into a business - wargaming is strictly a hobby for me).

The first two types of troopers I've labelled as "Garrison" and "Assault" troopers to give a flavour of what I expect to use them for.  I've already got plans for further types including gasmasked troopers and even some in full hazmat/NBC kit.

I'm fortunate to know a number of very talented sculptors and set out to use the best that I could afford - I hope you will agree that this is reflected in the quality of the end figures.

Where appropriate, the figures have been designed with separate heads to make heads swops/conversions easier.  The figures are mostly mounted on tabs, making them easy to use with a variety of different base types, and measure approximately 28-30mm to the eye.

An added bonus is that the figures will be compatible sizewise with figures from the likes of Hasslefree and Crooked Dice (I've included a size comparison photo with Crooked Dice & Hasslefree miniatures) - all are what i'd call "realistically proportioned" figures rather than the "heroic" or "chunky" proportions of Games Workshop and other similar figures.

This shouldn't come as any great surprise, as the sculptors I've used have also made figures for these companies (Kev White owns Hasslefree & Ian Mountain made the TLS/Federation security for Crooked Dice).  Although I do have additional head sprues on my todo list, the fact that the figures are compatible gives me additional options.

I also have plans for a small group of vehicles - again generic in nature - which I will have cast up in resin.  The vehicles, for the most part, will be remote/AI controlled buddies or drones, designed to support the miniatures I get made.
As this project isn't based upon a specific film or book, I also plan on adding various alien creatures, as and when I can - the priority though will be to turn the human troop types into a rounded group.
Finally, I will be writing a set of fast play combat rules to accompany the project, with the emphasis upon being easy to understand and having lots of figures on the table.  As with all of my rules, these will be FREE to download - I will post up details of them when I get around to writing them (probably in April).

Thanks for your interest - if you want to keep a track of progress, be sure to follow this blog for updates, and check out the "WIPS & Greens" link on the right-hand side of this page for what is coming next....

Best Regards